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KardiaXyme Success Stories

KardiaXyme Success Stories

The years of research, clinical studies, and millions of dollars that have been invested in the ingredients in this amazing health supplement are certainly impressive.

However, nothing is more impressive than reading or hearing the true stories of how this product has positively impacted people's lives.

There are no paid actors here. Just real people, like you, with real results.

We invite YOU to become our next success story.

What has KardiaXyme done for you? Share your story with us by using one of the methods below:
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I've been using Xooma's products for about a year now. I started using the X2O and MetaboWize products to lose weight and feel better. It's worked great! But that's not why I'm writing this... In September, I had a bad accident and fractured the orbital bone in my face. It was looking like I was going to need surgery to close up the space between the facial bones.

I talked to my Xooma representative and he suggested trying KardiaXyme (and the X2O) to help target the inflammation in my body from the accident. I meant to take a before picture so that I could track the results, but after a couple of days of taking the supplements the results were so amazing the photo wouldn’t have done it justice! I took KardiaXyme for two weeks... every day healing fast. By the time I went back for my check up with the surgeon, he said I wouldn't need the surgery and couldn't believe how fast I had healed.

I'm getting ready to have my thyroid removed in January and am definitely going to be taking it again!

Lisa S., Virginia, USA

My blood was tested July 11, 2012, and the report revealed that my cholesterol level was 258. I have been fighting this for years and taking statins was not an option due to muscle cramping. A good friend and Xooma Rep, Bobby T., gave me a 30-day sampling of KardiaXyme because the doctor wanted me on Lipitor. I read about 3 ways KardiaXyme helps as an antioxidant, maintains cardiovascular (cholesterol) levels, and reduces inflammation. I wanted to see for myself if this all-natural product really worked.

Over the next 30 days, I took KardiaXyme, and of course my X2O. I did not change my diet or exercise. I just got my second blood test (30 days later) and the report indicated that my cholesterol level had decreased from 258 to 219, almost 40 points! Just think what it will do for me months from now. Thank you Bobby T. and Xooma.

Keith C., SC, USA

After being on the KardiaXyme capsules for approximately 9 weeks, I had my blood taken on August 20, 2012 and received the results August 24, 2012.   My total cholesterol went from 201 to 182. LDL went from 129 to 117, triglycerides from 93 to 64, and HDL from 49 to 52.

I am so excited about this and would recommend everyone who is on cholesterol medicine to give this a try. I believe your body will thank you for getting off the poisons.  My blood pressure usually runs about 140/80. Recently it has been running about 120/65. I don't know if I look any better, but I feel great.

With Great Joy,  Joseph S., IN, USA


My name is Nana K. and I am a physician. A few of my patients are taking KardiaXyme and they received wonderful results.

1. History of the disease is 7 years in a 53-year-old man. His diagnosis includes:  atrial fibrillation, rheumatoid arthritis, and blood analysis shows a high cholesterol level. He was already taking X2O. Then a couple of months ago he started to take KardiaXyme, 2 capsules 3 times a day. Now he feels very good and is starting to sleep better. His joints don’t bother him any more and his cholesterol levels have come down.

2. A 48-year-old woman was diagnosed with Phlebeurysm (varicose veins). She began taking KardiaXyme, 2 capsules 3 times a day. After only a month of taking KardiaXyme, she did not have any complaints.

3. A 57-year-old woman was diagnosed with toxic goiter. She was getting ready for surgery, but she started to take KardiaXyme, 2 capsules 4 times daily along with X2O, MetaboWize AM and Pravante. A month later she did not need surgery. She feels a lot better. All the blood analysis is now balanced, and she continues to take all of the products she began [above].

These examples are only a small part of the positive results that my patients have had.

Nana K., Tbilisi, Georgia

After 5 weeks on KardiaXyme my blood pressure was down 20 points and I lost 12 pounds! I can actually feel the product working and see the changes in my body as the inflammation disappears.  From day one of taking KardiaXyme I have felt "better". The signature product X2O I believe always kept my body in balance and gave me the ability to fight off colds and flu for more than 8 years. The KardiaXyme product, combined with the X2O regimen, brings preventative healthcare to a whole new level.

Donna K., NJ, USA

My name is Sandy. I ordered my KardiaXyme the day I received an email stating it was for sale! I have had joint pain and degenerative disc disease for over 5 years. I was getting out of bed and walking like I was 90! My sugar levels had been increasing yearly.

I decided I wanted to give this new alternative a try. I am amazed at the results! My joint pain is gone. I noticed the results immediately and after 30 days I am thrilled that I can get out of bed in the mornings like I did when I was 20 (I am 53). For my sugar levels, I have gone from a fasting level of 128 to a fasting level of 98-100. This product is all natural and it works! It is saving me from becoming a diabetic. On my last visit to the doctor, she wanted to put “diabetic” in my chart. I begged her to give me 4 months, asked to retake the fasting glucose test and if my numbers were good that I would not have “diabetic” in my record.

I have been on the KardiaXyme for 45 days and I am thrilled with my readings. I cannot wait to see what the blood work shows in 2 and a half more months. I feel like I have found the fountain of youth in a pill!

Sandy H., SC, USA

I have been taking Xooma products for about a year. But it was January 1, 2012 that I made a commitment to improve my health. With a teaching job, I took time over Christmas break to see my doctor. I had been sick with congestion, was tired, and overweight at 290 pounds, with a non-working thyroid gland and fighting high blood pressure. I was taking pharmaceutical medication for my blood pressure and my thyroid, and was also on medication for arthritis.

As of today (8-22-12), I have lost 50 pounds and look forward to meeting my goal of weighing under 220 pounds at 6 feet tall. Nothing has ever given me the ability to lose weight, increase energy and gain a vibrant outlook on life – like Xooma products. I have been drinking X2O water with FocusUP and following the MetaboWize weight loss program. I use Silver MAX to ward off sickness, and boost my immune system. But it has been the addition of KardiaXyme that has really set the stage to lower my body weight and take "feel good" to a new level. I have noticed that these products have changed the way I eat, the way I sleep, and the way I meet the challenges of each day with vigor and exuberance.

Jeff C., GA, USA

Greetings from Kazakhstan. I want to share with the world the result of this unique product, and first of all I want to thank the entire team that worked on the creation of this product – a big thank you from my family. Now the results.

My mom will be 85 years old this year, and she has a bunch of cardiovascular diseases. The left side of her heart is enlarged. Because of that she couldn't walk and couldn't sleep lying down. She felt very bad all the time and had a horrible breath shortness. She also has high blood pressure. After one week of using KX her heart stopped hurting, and her breathing and blood pressure have balanced. She has begun to walk again. And all of this in such a short time. She has been taking the products about one and a half months, and every day she feels better and better. I want to say a huge thank you for this miracle.

With respect and love Larisa L., Astana, Kazakhstan

I was shot multiple times over 26 years ago and have damage to my spine and lungs as well as other parts of my body.  I have lived in constant pain for all these 26 years and have also developed gout, migraine headaches, heart damage resulting in several surgeries and eventually could only walk with leg braces.  Most recently, I was almost completely bedridden due to pain and weakness.  I have severe nerve damage in my legs and feet and recently was taken off many of the medications that were supposed to help me because they were no longer effective. 

Less than a month ago, my sister-in-law talked to me about KardiaXyme and asked me to try it.  I did not hesitate because I was already seeing great results from drinking the X2O (better sleep, no more constipation, better hydration, less pain, etc.).  I started the KX immediately, taking one 2x a day.  After a couple of weeks, I saw remarkable improvement in my health:

o I have no more gout symptoms

o I no longer need to walk with the leg braces (can now use crutches if needed, when before I did not have strength or mobility to do so)

o I am feeling better overall

o The bruising and redness all over my body is gone

o I can walk up 3 flights of stairs without stopping (before could not go one flight without pain and having to rest)

o I am in less and less pain everyday

o Most importantly, I can joke around and “wrestle” with my wife which is something I haven't done in years!

 I can't say enough about this product! God sent me a miracle! I recently started talking 2 capsules 2x a day and am feeling even better. I anticipate even more improvement – maybe I'll be able to run with my grandkids! 

Thank God – thank my sister-in-law Karen K. – thank Xooma for making this great product. It feels so good to be able to share this with others. And I won't be without it!

Theory H., MD, USA

I have been taking it now for a couple of weeks and I immediately began experiencing changes in my body.  I am reminded when I take this product what is important about fat loss.  I immediately experienced looseness in my clothes from the "under the skin" fat loss.  I could see it in my hands and feet first and then in my stomach.  Eating right, taking many of our Xooma products, exercising, and taking KardiaXyme are a winning combination if you really want to have true "fat loss" and not the often "most desired" weight loss.

Besides fat loss I also experience other noticeable signs that this product is working well in my body, particularly my nail beds show a more pinkness to them which indicate blood flow tells me that my cardio-vascular system is being effected.

Linda P., AR, USA

My husband has been on KardiaXyme for about a month now. He was taking Hydros 3 times a day for arthritis and since they only last 4 hours, that was not enough to keep the pain away. He was also taking Tylenol in-between to keep the pain at bay.

With KardiaXyme, he has been able to get completely off his pain medications.  He has regained his mobility and has the energy level he had 10 years ago! We’re so Xcited about the wonderful things Xooma is doing for our lives that we want to share it with everyone we meet!

Peggy and Les S., TN, USA

Good afternoon! I want to share my results from using KardiaXyme. My family and I have been using KardiaXyme for 2 months already. The reason we started to take your product is because we were trying to find a treatment for my husband. In 2006, he was diagnosed with abnormal cell growth of the right lateral ventricle of the heart and had surgery. Also, while walking he had trouble with his coordination of movement and needed constant support and help. The doctors could not determine what caused this. In addition, his memory was very bad. For 6 years we have tried to find a way to restore his health because he is only 58 years old. And now I see that we have chosen the right direction.

After 2 months of using your products, mostly X2O, we added FocusUP. We are already seeing positive changes. Even people around us can see the changes and have started using your products, too. For 10 days we have been using KardiaXyme, 2 capsules daily. His blood pressure is balanced now, the heart pain is gone, his body feels light, the swelling gone, his memory has improved, his metabolic processes have normalized. And he can walk smoothly and by himself now.

Lyudmila T., Ekaterinburg, Russia

Until I listened to the call the other night [August 2012], I was giving a lot of credit to X2O for what happened to me the other day.  On the hottest day of the year, with the temperature hovering around 105 degrees, I took my trusty chain saw and cut down a tree. Then I cut the logs into 15" pieces, stacked the wood, and collected all the branches and brush into piles. I was outdoors in the heat for around 3 1/2 hours. The next day I was not tired, or sore, or had any physical evidence that I had done all that work. Now I realize it was because I have been on 2 KardiaXyme every morning. That is why I feel so good today – and like I felt 30 years ago. I know the X2O gets into our cells, but KardiaXyme is a wonderful product and I thank you for it!

David C., IN, USA

Being a woman of 6’2” has not always been easy, but Xooma helped me feel good about myself again and that is truly all that matters. One might say, “Oh, I wish I were tall,” or “I think it must be great to be you,” or “I had an aunt that was tall.” But let me say that until you have walked a mile in anyone else's shoes, you need to be careful what you wish for!

For 30 years I was 6’2”, weighing 130 pounds. A bit thin but I am vain, liked being thin and was happy at 130 pounds. After electing not to have an internal medical procedure, I received spinal shots. They forgot to mention they were injecting me with steroids, which do what? MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT AND LOTS OF IT! Nearly 40 pounds later, none of my clothes fit. I wasn't eating but the steroids were magically making me blow up like a balloon. I hated it.

Then, about 6 months ago, I met Jeff M. from Xooma and briefly chatted about minerals, water, weight, health, happiness. I started drinking 6 bottles of mineral water a day. I was not as diligent as I would later become. Clothes started feeling looser and I started feeling better. We got an accurate scale (not one that you have to remember to add 5 pounds to to get your actual weight!). When I went to my doctor for my 3-month checkup, I had lost... what? 27 pounds in 3 1/2 months. Thank you, Jeff, and thank you XOOMA. I continue to try different products each month so my knowledge grows with my testimony. too can have a story. You can start today!

Valerie B., FL, USA

I started taking KardiaXyme a little over a month ago and can already feel the results. For 16 years I have been suffering with chronic pain in my back. Recently I was in a car accident and re-injured my back. Pain began in both my legs. I had 2 cortisone injections and it seemed to have relieved the pain temporarily, but about a month ago it returned. It was so bad, I crawled out of bed.

I was introduced to KardiaXyme. I started with 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night. Within a week’s time, I could feel the difference. The pain has subsided a great deal and with continued use, I am feeling like a new woman.

LaVern P., NC, USA

I have been a long-time severe arthritis patient. Before I started KardiaXyme I had a very inflamed body and could barely handle the weather changes, even on all my arthritis medications. Often the weather change would put me in bed because my pain level was 8-10 with 10 being the worst pain. Loving Life Again!

Wow, I can't believe how X2O and KardiaXyme (KX) has worked on my inflammation after only 3 weeks. It is almost all gone. My pain levels are 1-3 from a 9-10, again, 10 being unbearable.

We purchased KardiaXyme in hopes that I would not need all my doctor-prescribed medications. After just 3 weeks my inflammation was greatly reduced. I was able to handle the weather changes with a pain level of 1-3. I really could not believe it.

For me, the best solution for near 0 inflammation is X20 and KardiaXyme.

I really can’t believe I am off 11-12 medications, with no noticeable inflammation and pain level now in the 1-3 range where before they were almost always in the 7-10 range – with weather putting me in bed. Now I barely notice the weather changes. What a difference KardiaXyme and X2O have made over 6 weeks!

Boyd G., UT, USA

Approximately 3 1/2 years ago I was having muscle pain in the back of my thighs. My legs hurt just to touch them and they felt mushy. When I would go to get in the car, I would have to sit down and literally pick up my legs one by one to put them in the car – and vice verse when I would get out of the car. Upon walking sometimes my leg or legs would act as though I was going to fall from stumbling. It actually took me a year to go to the doctor because I was afraid of them telling me I had MS.

I decided at that time that I would just have to deal with having MS; I knew I had to get help because it was getting worse, and the pain was starting to be totally unbearable. I had already come through the battle of breast cancer, so I mentioned to my oncologist about my legs and he did some tests.  After the tests came back, he told me that I basically had a muscle deficiency in my legs. He sent me to a specialist who did not find any nerve damage. So there was nothing they could do except give me pain medication. I didn't like taking the pain medicine so I just dealt with the pain. When I would get my sons to massage the back of my legs, that only made the pain worse.  

Then one day while sitting in the barber shop, a lady came in with a brochure. It had a picture of a fat man on one side and a much smaller man on the other. I asked her, "what is that you have in your hand,” and that began my introduction to Xooma.

 I began using Xtreme X20 and I noticed my legs felt better after a couple of weeks. When the new KardiaXyme came out, because I was somewhat familiar with Marine Algae I thought I would give it a try. After the first week my legs began to get stronger – and then after a full month I had no more pain in my legs and they did not feel mushy anymore.  I am convinced that I didn't have a muscle deficiency at all; what I had was some dehydration going on in my body as well as inflammation. Thanks to Xooma and KardiaXyme, my legs are normal and I can actually walk a mile a day.

Emily G., NM, USA

Dear Xooma, I started taking the KardiaXyme in July 2012. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I have tried many natural anti-inflammatories, and even the “naturals” and Tylenol did not help. I tried prescriptions, with the side effects leading to a bleeding ulcer and high blood pressure. Then the doctor said to me, "Oh yeah, high blood pressure is a side effect of Meloxican.” AHHHH!!!!

I have been taking the KardiaXyme for 6 weeks now and feel great. My joints don't hurt, my blood pressure is back to normal, and I no longer have symptoms of the ulcer. I am so happy I took the leap of faith and tried your new and extremely awesome product. I will continue to take this and I am sure I will continue to feel better and better. Thank You, Bridget S., KardiaXyme Lover.

Bridget S., NY, USA

I've had significant chronic back pain for the last 5 years.  No one in the medical profession seems to be able to explain why.  The last 3 years the pain I have been experiencing has been quite debilitating, to the extent that getting out and about was pretty much out of the question for me.  

The only medication that has offered any relief was Lortab.  I hate prescription painkillers with a passion, because of how they affect my system.  As a result, I only take the Lortab when the pain became intolerable.  The rest of the time, I just live with the pain.  Thus has been my life for the last 5 years.

Xooma ran a special on KardiaXyme and I decided to try it.  I couldn't really afford it, so the special allowed me to try the product.

I had no expectations when the KardiaXyme came in the mail, but I took 2 capsules shortly after it arrived.  Within an hour, I had the first relatively pain-free afternoon I have had in over 5 years.  I was almost in tears.

Since that time, my overall experience with KardiaXyme has been wonderful.  I have had a few bad days when it didn't seem to work that well, but those days are definitely few in number to date. I'm in a bit of a weakened state, from not being able to get around over the last few years, but I am getting strength back a little at a time.  I can think clearly for the first time in a very long time.

Presently, I am still waking up from the pain in the morning, but now I know that within an hour of getting up, the pain will virtually disappear.  That has not happened in 5 years.  I can't convey to you what that means to me, there just aren't words to express my gratitude for this relief.

I can only promise to keep you apprised of how things go for me over the next couple of months, when it has built up in my system, and I am taking the maintenance dosage.  If my personal experience with this wonderful product thus far is any indication, then I have a lot to look forward to.

Thank you so very much for this wonderful product. KardiaXyme has saved my life, and is restoring the quality of my life.

W.E. P., UT, USA

My father was up from Alabama and told me about this product, KardiaXyme. So I decided to try it. I have a long history of intestinal problems, headaches, and having trouble sleeping. As soon as I tried the Xooma products, boy has there been a fantastic positive change. My dad was trying to help get me off prescription medications for these things, and within a week of trying KardiaXyme, I had stopped taking the prescription medications and feel fabulous!

I am so grateful for this. Not only is it working, but it is much better for me. You should definitely try it, it is well worth it. I have tried everything for years, but this [KardiaXyme] has worked the best!

Shannon C., TN, USA

KadiaXyme is a wellness product for sure! After I started using KardiaXyme my cardiovascular system feels great. I feel strength in my heart, lungs, and haven't had any leg cramps lately.  My breathing is so much more easy and relaxing, even when I'm busy at work moving around and completing different tasks. I feel healthier and I feel stronger inside. KardiaXyme does a body good!

Larry R., NC, USA

My name is Justin and I've been taking Xooma's FocusUP and X20 water product for over a year now.  I am 31 years old and have done heavy labor for 15 years in the Masonry trade.  I am very active still, as a surfer and golfer, not to mention keeping up with my 2 young boys!

I decided to give our KardiaXyme (KX) product a try because of the benefits to the cardiovascular system and inflammation due to tendonitis in both of my elbows.  I had numbness in my limbs, mostly in my sleep.  I've been taking KX for about a month now and can already feel this stuff working!  I have not been waking up with numb hands or arms at all since I started taking KardiaXyme.

Here is the reason I know KX is working for me... I am not even on the maintenance dosage yet and if I don't take KX for sure before lunch time, my hands and fingers start to go numb and tingle again by afternoon and in my sleep. I have never had any supplement I've taken show results so fast.  I am not willing to give up my lifestyle due to early aging! KardiaXyme has exceeded my expectations and WILL be a part of my autoship product order from here on out.  

Justin K., TX, USA

When I ordered KardiaXyme I wasn’t sure why I was going to use it?  I didn’t notice anything until my massage therapist remarked that I must not have been traveling because my body was in much better shape than what she had seen it in for a while. But that wasn’t the case – I live in Ohio, and in a weeks’ time had driven to Tennessee and Wisconsin in a smaller vehicle than I usually drive. I believe the KardiaXyme was helping with the inflammation in my body.

I had it confirmed this week when I visited my chiropractor and I hadn’t taken my KardiaXyme all week.  She couldn’t believe how bad my body was and wondered what had happened.  I just hadn’t taken my KardiaXyme.  Needless to say, I will be taking KardiaXyme every day from now on.

Carolyn (Susie) K., OH, USA

I was in a great deal of pain, have more than my share of inflammation, was always tired and had no energy. I was on so much medication that it did not seem to be helping my pain very much.

In September of 2011 I joined Xooma and started taking KardiaXyme that October. I noticed that I was no longer using my cane or my walker. I could clean my house and sit down and get up without any help. I was interacting with my grandchildren, and even did my own grocery shopping. It was much more than I was able to do before I started taking KardiaXyme.

Before beginning KardiaXyme I had so many health problems such as Diabetes and had been taking pills and insulin. I am now off insulin and my blood pressure is normal. I'm off medication. I was weighing 325 pounds and by drinking XTreme X20 I now weigh 295 pounds and am still losing weight.

I praise God for the relief of the great pain. I now can walk without my cane, get up and down without help, house clean and even walk up stairs. I thank God that Tinesha and KardiaXyme had a positive impact on my life. It is wonderful and works wonders. It really changes life… it promotes cardiovascular health and reduces inflammation.

I pray that my story (testimony) will encourage you to use KardiaXyme and become a Xooma member. Also, that it will help you see its impact in real people’s lives and motivate you to try KardiaXyme for yourself and discover what it will do for your health. My prayer is that it will inspire you to make a positive change in your health. Sorry, I know we were supposed to give a testimony on KardiaXyme, but I can't just talk about KardiaXyme when there are so many other products the company has that help me. TRY KARDIAXYME AND HELP CHANGE THE HEALTH OF A GENERATION!

Juliet H., TX, USA

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