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KardiaXyme History

The KardiaXyme Story

One of Mother Nature's best-kept secrets was right in front of us and we DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!

The Discovery

Perhaps you've heard stories about "accidental discoveries." You know those revolutionary products or technologies that get discovered almost by accident because the scientist or developer was focused on something completely different.

KardiaXyme is one of those "accidental discoveries"

In recent years, there has been growing research on the health benefits of different species of algae – yes, that stuff you first heard about in science class when you were a kid!

Thanks to cutting-edge discoveries by modern nutritional science, we now know there are numerous species of algae that offer significant health benefits to the human body.

Armed with this science and the belief that a specific combination of these superior sea-based and freshwater algae sources could offer dramatic improvements in a person's health, our nutritional researchers went to work. They set out to create a unique blend of hand-selected varieties of algae and an exclusive source of marine minerals that would be grown, harvested and offered as a superior, one-of-a-kind algae supplement.

To successfully grow these various species of algae requires a water environment that maintains precise conditions. THIS is where our researchers made an accidental but remarkable discovery. They discovered one of Mother Nature's best kept secrets.

The Birth of KardiaXyme

Supported by millions of dollars in extensive research and studies, the ingredients in KardiaXyme deliver noticeable health benefits throughout the entire body. This exclusive formula contains a potent and unique blend of land-based and sea-based, highly bioactive polyphenols that optimize cellular, cardiovascular and metabolic health to support lifelong physical and mental wellness.

And while we've received numerous and seemingly miraculous testimonies from people within a very short time, we simply call this gift from nature – KardiaXyme.

Added Benefit of Xooma's exclusive marine mineral complex – X2O

For more than a decade, the X20 marine mineral complex has been responsible for helping countless numbers of people around the world experience positive, sometimes "life-changing" differences in their overall health. With over 70 naturally occurring trace minerals and the pH balancing support (alkalinity) X20 provides to the human body, our researchers discovered a synergistic relationship between our exclusive sea-based mineral complex and the unique sea-based polyphenol complex contained in this formula.

The combination of these natural nutrients in one simple, targeted daily health supplement has never been seen before. Perhaps that's why so many people report such positive results after making KardiaXyme part of their daily regimen.

We encourage you to discover what KardiaXyme can do for you and your health.

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